Queens of the Stone Age Josh Homme Prison Photos Revealed


Josh Homme and Queens of the Stone Age headed to San Quentin Prison on November 16th, and photos have finally surfaced from the performance in a new San Quentin News article.

“The prison system isn’t something that’s talked about very much, especially after the sentencing,” said Josh Homme in the article. “I grew up listening to Johnny Cash. I can’t imagine how much light was shined on San Quentin by Cash doing that album.”

“It was good for all sides. The inmates, the guards, everybody. So it feels, quite honestly, an honor to come here and play for you guys,” Homme added.

One of the personal moments for Homme at San Quentin was seeing a childhood friend, Bruce Fowler, a known prison artist. Both men grew up in the Palm Desert area.

“Seeing Bruce was absolutely incredible,” Homme said. “I mean, the surprise of that was wonderful for me. Because that’s a piece of home here for me.

“I’ve had my own troubles in my life and I understand the thin blurry line between being out on the streets and finding yourself in a situation—it really doesn’t take that much,” Homme added. “I’ve been there and I understand that, but I would say this: wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.”

Comedian Anthony Jeselink and Deadsy also took part in the show. Many prisoners had to be turned away due to overcrowding, and QOTSA’s set featured “Go With The Flow.”

Queens of the Stone Age, Deadsy & Queeny King rock out at SQ