Axl Rose Allegedly ‘Cut’ Izzy Stradlin From Guns N’ Roses Reunion For Sad Reason


Former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven has issued a statement in response to fellow former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein’s description of Steven Adler’s lawsuit against Guns N’ Roses that Alternative Nation reported. Goldstein claimed he spent $500,000 on the lawsuit, and that the jury loved him. He also said the songwriting credit Adler received were a ‘gift’ from Axl Rose.

Niven also accused Axl Rose’s ‘greed’ as being the reason Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler were ‘cut’ out of the reunion.

“1/. The case was not settled on the steps of the court. It was settled immediately before the jury retired, after two weeks of hearings in front of the judge.

2/. Adler’s attorneys offered a settlement of $375,000 after approximately one week of the case being heard – they were concerned they were losing the case. Goldstein and Rose rejected the offer. Thereafter Goldstein and Rose took the stand. At the conclusion of the case I had lunch with the entire jury. They informed me they thought Goldstein was a phony and were amused at his crocodile tears on the stand. They disliked Axl intensely, who seemed medicated and thus cold … these two shifted the case into Adler’s favor.

3/. Goldstein was covered by a litigation insurance that also protected the band. I had put that in place. His claim of paying $500,000 is bullshit.

4/. Subsequent to Rose and Goldstein testimony in court the settlement became something in the order of $2,750,000, from the band and Goldstein. I was tapped for a relatively modest $175,000 – if there was any crucifixion it was of Rose and Goldstein. I further paid over $300,000 in legal fees, out of my own pocket, at the mercy of the actions of Rose and Goldstein.

5/. Yes indeed, that Steven received composing royalties was something of a gift – the policy was that while one was a member of the band one would benefit from all moneys being shared – one for all and all for one. If you left the band and were not a writer than the privilege ended. This method was used by lots of bands – the idea being to prevent arguments over money destroying band chemistry. Van Halen, for example, did the same. The Boomtown Rats famously lost the plot and fell apart because there was no composing royalty sharing and after the first publishing royalties arrived everyone wanted to be a writer. Sometimes its in everyone’s best interest to share.

No one enforced this on anyone in the band – it was accepted and understood well before Goldstein was employed as tour manager. It was their decision, including Axl. I considered that the band bent and made a gift to Axl that he received a larger share. If anyone actually deserved a larger share it was Izzy.

The fact that Steven sued and benefitted was not appropriate or just. He’d received composing monies he did not have a legal right to. What is more Doug had indeed kept him alive. According to Doug, Adler’s own attorney stated at deposition that Goldstein should have let him die of an overdose. We all worked hard to keep everyone alive. Slash even went turkey in my spare bedroom – I cleaned the vomit from his mouth and counted out the valium. The problem is that once you go to a jury it is generally understood the case becomes basically a beauty pageant – who does the jury like? They didn’t like Rose and Goldstein.

Anyhow, as regards hubris and greed, we need look no further than the fact Axl cut Izzy and Steven out of the recent tour and took the lions share of all income.

As regards Goldstein, Axl’s butt boy, if his lips are moving most likely he’s lying. Ask him about how he participated in the stealing of the name, copyrights and trade marks from the other band members. We all know who had their hands on the helm.

To have been betrayed by G Swine was bad enough … to have to hear or read of him now is anathema.