Rage Against The Machine Detail First Reunion Single


Rage Against The Machine’s first reunion in 2007-2011 sadly did not result in new music, but it did result in “Killing In The Name” finding new life as a Christmas single. Tom Morello looked back on the 2010 campaign a decade later in a series of new tweets.

“’Some of those that work forces/Are the same that burn crosses.’ 10 years ago today
@RATM performed a free “Victory Concert” for 90k people in Finsbury Park, England to celebrate the successful ‘people’s campaign’ that dethroned Simon Cowell’s X Factor and put #KillingInTheName at #1 ON UK XMAS CHART (17 yrs after release).

100% of single sales were donated to UK homeless charities & the show may be the greatest in the band’s history. Today I suspect it won’t be hard find a worthy target & tell em: #FuckYouIWontDoWhatYouTellMe.”

One fan responded, “As a general rule i buy all my music in hard copy format. specifically CDs. But that ‘rage against the xfactor’ was and remains the exception to my self imposed ‘no downloads’ rule.”

Another fan commented, “Ohhhh Man I DO rememeber that. I was in London, me, my girlfriend and my parents preparing the dinner and then I hear the girl on the TV announcing the number one. That was one of the greatest middle fingers ever. Even the Christmas turkey escaped.” Rage Against The Machine will reunite again for their second reunion tour in 2021.