Eddie Vedder Missing Pearl Jam Performance Revealed

Photo by Brett Buchanan for AlternativeNation.net

Pearl Jam and Neil Young’s collaboration on Mirror Ball has already been confirmed to receive a film release, likely next year, and a live album looks like it will be accompanying it according to NeilYoungArchives.com’s new Q&A, though if it is from a show in Dublin, it won’t feature Eddie Vedder.

A fan asked, “Re: MirrorBall: Hi Neil, Ive just watched the video there for Peace and Love, Ive never seen that before. It is one of my fav songs from that LP, and the visuals to accompany it ‘dovetail’ nicely with what that fantastic song is all about.

My questions for you are,

1) that white guitar you play in the video -care to share its history or any memories you have of it with us. It just seems to be the right guitar for that mighty tune.

2) I saw you guys perform this at the RDS, Dublin. Am i right, (or has alcolhol blurred my memory here), did Eddie come on the stage when you kicked this one off and sing this one with you all during that gig? I definitely can remember him coming on the stage at some point …..(I hope) #staysafeNYandDH #keeponrockin #peaceandlove Marty Connaghan.”

Uncle Neil responded, “Marty White Falcon I have had since the springfield and played on many tracks. Eddie was not there that night! love N Mirror ball live coming in 2121 n be well love.”