Rage Against The Machine Icon Calls Big Name Suicide ‘Lie’


Former Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave drummer Brad Wilk revealed that he does not believe that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide in federal custody, and that he could have been murdered or put in witness protection. There is currently a Department of Justice investigation into Epstein’s death. Corey Taylor recently reacted to a theory about Epstein’s death.

Epstein was being charged with sexual misconduct with underage girls, dating back to past charges from a decade ago where he was able to avoid major jail time.

Wilk wrote on Instagram, “Here we go… Spoon feed us your lies.🇺🇸#suicidemyass #murder? #witnessprotectionprogram?”

Wilk is currently on tour with Prophets of Rage. Morello wrote about the tour on Instagram, “Paris Commune 2019! @prophetsofrage rocking Paris’ Olympia (site of world historic James Brown and Clash shows) HARD tonight.

Late night at the Arc de Triumph, saluting the names of the anti-fascist WWII French partisans who fought the Nazis and ignoring the names of the imperialist French soldiers in Algeria & Vietnam who fought the Algerians & Vietnamese. Also, more epic art from the Louvre trip this morning. Paris, #ItsComplicated.”

Tom Morello recently covered the Nine Inch Nails classic “Hurt.” Morello also wrote, “70 years ago my mom lived in this building in Wiesbaden, Germany for 4 years when she was a teacher for servicemen’s families. Last night we rocked the joint down the block.”