Howard Stern Reveals Brutal Ozzy Osbourne Secret


Howard Stern has uploaded a rare clip featuring a recent interview with legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon Osbourne. Alternative Nation transcribed their remarks. Ozzy Osbourne recently posted a classic bald head photo.

Stern said, “You know why I love your husband? I remember when I interviewed him years ago, we were talking about he went to rehab, and he went to Betty Ford, in the early days, and he comes in and he goes, ‘I went there to learn to drink responsibly.’”

Sharon responded, ‘That’s what he thought.”

Ozzy said in a 1996 clip:

Ozzy Osbourne: I go in there, like a Georgia Armani suit and everything, I got my a tie, and I’m ready to go. I go, ‘Can you direct me to the cocktail bar?’ They all look at me like I just landed from Mars.

Howard Stern: You go to Betty Ford and ask them for the cocktail bar?

Ozzy: That’s what I did man. Then they go like, ‘[No].’

Howard: You can’t have anything.

Ozzy: The doors are closed, and Betty Ford walks in.

Howard: Betty Ford actually showed up?

Ozzy: I spoke to her on several occasions. I think I did.

Howard said as the clip ended, “The guy is endlessly funny.”

Sharon responded, “So funny, one of the times he thought it was Betty Ford, it was Elisabeth Taylor.” Sharon Osbourne recently revealed how she dealt with tragic news.