Rage Against The Machine Member Honors Scott Weiland


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello is looking back at the 2000’s supergroup era on his radio show by playing his band Audioslave, featuring the late Chris Cornell, and Velvet Revolver, featuring the late Scott Weiland. Rage Against The Machine posted reunion photos without Tom Morello a few days ago.

Morello posted, “This week on my #OneManRevolution @SIRIUSXM Lithium show we celebrate @MrChuckD’s 60th, rock out to Audioslave covering Funkadelic and bust out some Urban Dance Squad, Velvet Revolver, @llcoolj, @travisbarker, @Rancid, RATM @perryfarrell Beastie Boys and more! Tune in!”

Mikeorberg commented, “Stick to playing guitar. That is what you know best.” Morello responded, “@mikeorberg Thanks but I can multitask.”

Jairon1929 said, “@mikeorberg uhhh. What kind of music do you think he’s been playing with that guitar all these years? If you think this bad shouldn’t be political then maybe you should go back and listen to all their stuff again. And then maybe find a new band to follow.”

Markhunstein chimed in, “@mikeorberg lmao dude graduated Harvard with honors in political science so he’s both better at guitar than you and more politically educated.”

Milton_u added, “@mikeorberg stick to live life to fullest. Every man has a constitutional right to speak (and sing) about politics. Jesus, man!! Why do you have to behave like a total idiot? You want to invalidate a point of view? Next time try with an actual argument, clown!”