Angus Young Reveals Money Demand For Huge AC/DC Tour


AC/DC member Angus Young and the late great Malcolm Young discussed playing with The Rolling Stones in a newly unearthed Classic Rock magazine interview, and they revealed that they do not demand as much money as Keith Richards and company on tour. Angus Young also revealed a sad Brian Johnson lie.

Malcolm said, “On the day of the gig, we got a call from their production manager telling us that Keith [Richards] really wanted to meet Angus. We ummed and ahed, and eventually decided to go down there for an hour just to check out what was going on.”

Angus added, “We’re not snobs or nothing, it’s just that being the Rolling Stones we knew there’d be lots of cameras; we don’t like all that media hoo-hah.”

Malcolm then discussed what happened when they showed up at the venue, “Keith came straight out to see us, and we all got on. Then somebody said: ‘Did you bring your guitars?’ The next thing we knew we were up there with them. Then they called us to ask if we wanted to do this. We were doing nothing except writing, and we thought it would probably do us good to get back onto a stage.

I know the Stones charge a lot of money for people to come to see them, which we’re not into, but we’re here as a bonus. The tickets were already on sale before we were announced.”

Angus Young taking a shot at a fired AC/DC bandmate was recently revealed. MHiltonMusic recently posted on Reddit about AC/DC’s sound, “AC/DC all sounds the same? I’ve seen this brought up far too often. I get it, AC/DC has never changed their formula and probably never will, but who cares? Most bands are like that—even The Beatles were for the most part.”

He added, “Most of these people have just heard the one-off hits like Back In Black, Thunderstruck, T.N.T. and You Shook Me. Sure, most AC/DC songs are about Booze, Sex, or just Rock ‘N’ Roll, but outside the subject matter the songs are all very different. If AC/DC all sounds the same then their album sales wouldn’t vary as much as they have. Albums like Flick Of The Switch, Fly On The Wall and Blow Up Your Video wouldn’t be so polarizing, and they definitely wouldn’t have undersold as much as they did while Black Ice was killing it when it came out. Listen to Boogie Man and Shake A Leg back-to-back and tell me they sound the same. Listen to Rocker then Stiff Upper Lip and tell me they’re the same. It’s just utter bollocks, and people say it just because they think it makes them cool.” You can read the full Angus and Malcolm Young piece at