Rage Against The Machine Member Reveals How Reunion Album Could Happen


Tom Morello discussed the possibility of Rage Against The Machine reuniting for a new album in a recent Gitarre Bass interview. Below is an excerpt from the Q&A. Keep in mind this is translated from German, so it should be taken as a paraphrase rather than a direct quote.

In recent years, there have been many rumors about a possible Rage Against The Machine reunion. Why did it never happen?

Tom Morello: We just do not do what people expect us to do. That’s how we’ve always handled it. And that’s probably why we still exist. Because the band still exists and it could well happen that we will make music again someday. We often talk to each other and I’m the biggest rage fan on earth.

Do not you sometimes wish you had recorded more than just four albums?

Tom Morello: No, because those are the albums we wanted to do – while our record company kept demanding more and more. They wanted us to work faster in the studio and go on tour more often, shoot more videos and, as we perceive, flood the market. Like many bands that were active at the time and that are no longer there today. While we are still here. So I do not think we did anything wrong. What’s more, we have done many things differently and correctly. But: Who knows, maybe we’ll go back to the studio tomorrow.