Rage Against The Machine Rip Coachella Reunion Backlash


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello recently called out fans who claimed the band are selling out by having their reunion performances at Coachella in April. Rage Against The Machine unloaded on Dave Grohl and Jack White disrespect a few days ago.

Hoffdachain commented, “Zack De La Rocha previously: Burnin Mansions from Dallas to Malibu, check my resume your residence is residue. Zach de la Rocha now: we’re headlining Coachella.

Morello responded, “Previously: Rage headlined Coachella 1999. Previously: Rage headlined Coachella in 2007. #YaLateOnYaHate.”

Fans also discussed the motivations for playing Coachella on Reddit.

KlopeksWithCoppers posted, “They headlined the first Coachella. They headlined Coachella for their first reunion show after they broke up. Honestly, I would have been surprised if they didn’t play Coachella during this mini tour. They have a history with the festival.”

Yhe_yada_yada chimed in, “I guess it’s the same logic as signing with Sony. Using the biggest platform to get their message across. Perhaps they’ll speak out against the festival and the majority of its attendees.”

Eric-Stratton said, “How is this not obvious to more people? They are headlining Coachella and that spot is arguably the biggest stage in world (festival) music.

When have they ever shied away from the limelight to get their message across?

Why do you think the tour (with the exception of the largest venue in the festival music world) is exclusively in cities that are along the Mexican/American border?”

Col_Butternubs concluded, “What the machine is and isn’t changes as time goes on. Coachella isn’t corrupt politicians and it’s not pointless wars or idiots fighting against scientific evidence of climate change, thats the machine. There’s nothing wrong with them playing Coachella, also they’ve played Coachella like 3 times before.” Tom Morello discussed a terrible money deal last week.