Rage Against The Machine Unload On Terrible Money Offer


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has posted a new video where young people discuss the horrible deal they are getting money wise in the United States, struggling to get by working jobs they hate to help the rich get richer. Tom Morello revealed what he does with his millions of dollars a couple of days ago.

Morello wrote, “THE ATLAS UNDERGROUND TOUR RECAP HIGHLIGHT: The music is violent, we are not. Pretty self explanatory.”

RATM fans on Reddit discussed the 2020 reunion tour in a new Reddit thread. Triessohard posted, “Anyone in the tour towns hear any rumors? What venues? Should we start calling municipalities to see if there are any permits being taken out for any big shows? I just need SOMETHING!!”

Areyoustillintoit responded, “There’s just something so bizarre about this whole thing that I can’t quite put my finger on…

Why has basically no one from the band been talking about this? Tom and Tim Commerford in particular (who have basically been begging Zack de la Rocha in interviews and such for years to reunite) have said almost nothing about it. None of the members of the band actually follow the Instagram account, and they have never even made a post on it on social media in any capacity. There’s something really strange about it. I feel like we’re not being told the whole truth.”

MindForLease chimed in, “I agree man, for years there was the feeling that Zack didn’t give two shits about the money and that he wasn’t coming back. But, the one piece of hard evidence we have in our favor is prophets. If this reunion wasn’t happening, I don’t think Prophets of Rage would have announced hiatus like they did.” Rage Against The Machine revealed who was ‘broke’ last week.