Rage Against The Machine Spoil Spider-Man No Way Home


Rage Against The Machine are one of the biggest bands to ever had existed. One of the biggest movies to  have ever come out is shaping up to be the newest edition of Spider-Man. This Spider-Man movie is called ‘No Way Home’ and has everyone raving about it.

There were a lot of surprises that were held in the newest Spider-Man movie and a lot of great actors and actresses represented in the film as well. One of the actors in the movie was Andrew Garfield reprising his role as Peter Parker. Fans of the series loved seeing this as did a Rage Against The Machine fan page when Andrew stated that Rage was on a list of his.

The list that Garfield has is a list of band he would book for a dream festival. Rage Against The Machine re-tweeted this to show how respected they still are in the world of music and movies as they hold a very intricate and important hold.

While there hasn’t been a lot of talk from Rage Against The Machine, there is a tour coming up in 2022. The tour will see the band all over areas of parts of the world. The tour is called the ‘Public Service Announcement’ tour and this may push a new album as well.

The tour dates show shows being played in Canada, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and just about everywhere in between. Many fans are hoping that this leads to a new album as not too many were impressed with the rendition of Rage Against The Machine that were The Prophets Of Rage.

It’s been years and years since we have heard anything new at all from Rage Against The Machine as there are not even any leaks of new material to be found on the internet, so a new album is for sure overdue.