Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello Wants Washington & Jefferson Monuments ‘Taken Down’


Prophets of Rage/Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello has tweeted that he wants the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial, which honor President George Washington and President Thomas Jefferson, ‘taken down.’ He also wants the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial taken down.

A fan tweeted Morello, “So George Washington, Lincoln, Franklin, Thomas Jefferson ALL OWNED SLAVES. Should we take down their monuments in DC now?”

Morello responded, “FYI-Lincoln did not own slaves but YES we should take down the monuments to the other slave owners. Great idea!”

Prophets of Rage members Tom Morello and Chuck D trashed President Donald Trump in a recent interview.

“We should be totally pissed off by what happened in Charlottesville and what our president is saying,” Morello told Uproxx. “I mean, he is clearly on record who he’s representing.”

Chuck D added: “[Trump] knows damn well that there’s a contingent out there that he inspired and made rise with all the rhetoric he was spinning in [his] campaign.”

Asked if he thinks it’s morally righteous to punch a Nazi in the face, Morello said: “Are you fucking kidding me?” He laughed before adding: “Resistance to injustice happened before Donald Trump, it’ll happen during Donald Trump [and] it’ll happen after Donald Trump. So, it’s, like, can it get worse? Of course it can get worse. The Nazis and the KKK have unhooded themselves, because they’ve taken off the hoods in the Oval Office, so they feel more comfortable taking off the hoods on the streets.”

Said Chuck: “It’s very important that culture and music speaks its loudest as being a voice, because we can’t rely on government. Things don’t fix itself; you’ve gotta make it happen.”