Layne Staley & Chris Cornell Honored At Epic Moore Theater Seattle Tribute Concert


The annual Layne Staley tribute show took place over the weekend, and the show ended with a performance of Temple of the Dog’s “Say Hello 2 Heaven,” which paid tribute to Staley, Chris Cornell, Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, and Mike Starr. Tomorrow would have been Staley’s 50th birthday.

Northwest Music Scene reported, “To add to the excitement of the night, Jamie Chamberlin’s Black Dahlia Films were filming a documentary, which actually started the night before at The Crocodile, where some of the performers from the Saturday Moore Theatre show participated in a broader Seattle tribute night, which included our recently departed and much loved Chris Cornell.

But Saturday night was mostly about Layne, and the crowd that packed the historic Moore Theatre, home to some of the most iconic moments in Seattle music history, loved every minute of it. Whether they knew him personally or were touched by his music, the musicians and the audience were all on the same wavelengths and there to honor the life, music, & legacy of Layne Staley.”

As usual, Layne Staley’s mother Nancy Layne McCallum was in attendance. You can keep up to date with what Nancy is up to at

Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
Bleed The Freak
Sea Of Sorrow
It Ain’t Like That
Heaven Beside You
I Don’t Know Anything
Lifeless Dead
God Smack
Hate To Feel
Angry Chair
River Of Deceit
Down In A Hole
What The Hell Have I
Put You Down
Man In The Box
Love Hate Love
No Excuses
Say Hello 2 Heaven