Radiohead Reveal Why They Decided To Follow In Morrissey’s Footsteps


Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood decided why the band decided to record in the same unique studio that Morrissey had in the past for their album A Moon Shaped Pool in a new BBC1 radio interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“A lot of it has to do with finding time with our producer Nigel. We like to try to go somewhere really cool, it’s like a gang thing, where you sort of get away from the home life. We found this really cool place, Nigel did, called La Fabrique down in France, where Morrissey recorded.”

He added, “It’s like an old farm and stuff, it’s got a massive vinyl collection, like 80,000 records, they figured it would take hundreds of years to record. The studio is full of old vinyl from this famous French disc jockey. So that’s the catalyst, a chance to go in and have an adventure.”

He also discussed “True Love Waits.”

“I remember we were working on it when we were making OK Computer, and we made all these cool crazy backward tapes, Nigel did, tape loops and sounds, lost toys gone haywire in the attic, and stuff like that. Thom has played it acoustically over the years as well. It fit on the right spot on the right record at the right time, we’ve always had songs like that. There’s a beautiful song we’ve got called ‘Nude’ that is on In Rainbows, it was one of the songs again we were working on when we were doing OK Computer, and it found its moment, it found its time.”