Ratt Member ‘Can’t Believe’ GNR Legend Isn’t Dead


Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy recently talked about the original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler via Rock Celebrities.

During the interview with Apettite For Distortion, Pearcy was asked about the picture the two had taken together and what they caught up on that day. He revealing that his friend can’t believe he is still alive, the frontman explained:

“Yeah, we did a show recently, and then we have another one coming up. We just said about the same thing, ‘Exactly, like, wow. Can you believe that we’re still, first, alive, and number two, all the stuff that we’ve gone through to this day?’ It’s true; we became kind of friends way back then.”

The Ratt frontman was also asked about the Guns N’ Roses cassette Adler gave him. Recalling his earlier days with the drummer, Pearcy said:

“The same kind of thing, when I come off the road, someone would be like, ‘Oh, you gotta go check this band out,’ and I did, I became friends with Stevie. He’d come by, and next thing you know, we’re hanging out, he comes by, brings me the cassette, saying, ‘This record is finally done.’ I listened to the cassette, and I told them, ‘You guys are gonna be f*cking huge.’”

The mentioned show occurred in Apache Casino in Lawton on June 2, where the drummer’s solo band played a co-headlining show with the Ratt frontman to perform Guns N’ Roses songs. Before the show, Adler said:

“It’s great to be playing a show with Stephen Pearcy. Fans of GN’R and Ratt will have a blast with us at Apache Casino. You’re talking about musicians that love to play live.”