Ratt Reveal Truth About Motley Crue Backing Tapes


RATT’s Stephen Pearcy has weighed in on Mick Mars’s lawsuit against Motley Crue, saying that “it’s a drag that it had to go there.”

Motley Crue’s decision to hire John 5 to replace Mick Mars, the group’s founding guitarist. Mars recently announced his retirement from touring with Motley Crue last October as a result of worsening health issues.

When Mars announced his retirement from touring with Motley Crue , he maintained that he would remain a member of the band, with John 5 taking his place on the road. However, earlier this month the 71-year-old musician filed a lawsuit against Crue in Los Angeles County’s Superior Court claiming that, after his announcement, the rest of Crue tried to remove him as a significant stakeholder in the group’s corporation and business holdings via a shareholders’ meeting.

Specifically, Mars claims he was asked to sign a severance agreement that would divest him of his 25 percent stake in the band’s various business interests in return for a 5 percent stake in the band’s 2023 tour.

Stephen Pearcy comments

Pearcy discussed Mars’s legal dispute with Crue and Sixx’s comments about Carmine in a new interview with Waste Some Time With Jason Green. He said:

“Well, when I first got wind of that… Carmine’s a great friend of mine, Carmine Appice. And when I saw that, I was just shocked that… He was so close to those guys too; Carmine was very close to everybody, and closer with Mick Mars. So unbeknownst to me too… I mean, look, I knew they did some of that tape stuff back a bit, but I didn’t know it was so overblown, which is crazy. I just didn’t like the disrespect. And you know what? I could give a shit, man.”

“I do [solo] shows with Vince [Neil]. Vince is my brother, man… That’ll never change. We hit the Strip together. We were the gladiators together. Robbin [Crosby] lived with Nikki.

“Yeah, I thought it was disrespect to brother Mick, as a gladiator. And to Carmine. I mean, holy shit. That kind of bummed me out.”