Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce John Frusciante Reunion Album


Red Hot Chili Peppers have confirmed that their reunion with John Frusciante isn’t just got a greatest hits tour, but for a new album, the classic lineup’s long awaited followup to 2006’s Stadium Arcadium.

A fan asked Flea, “Flea I can’t wait to hear you and John’s new countermelodies on your next release. The way you too feed off each other is unreal.” Flea responded, “Thank you.” The Red Hot Chili Peppers will head into the studio in January to record their new album, according to a Reddit rumor.

Flea just revealed why Josh Klinghoffer left Red Hot Chili Peppers. K0stil posted on Reddit, “I think they were a quintet with John not touring. Do you seriously think John joined a mere month ago?” CSA1011 responded, “There were talks of it through out the year but it didn’t get serious/ become official until last month after the benefit concert.”

K0stil shot back, “And you think tĥey were still writing The album secretly behind Josh’s back? Or writing with Josh knowing it’s soon going to dumpster after John is back?”

CSA1011 commented, “I haven’t heard anything like that in regards to writing but i did hear they will enter the studio to start recording the new album next month. So that could mean they have been writing. Whether it was with Josh, then scrapped due to John’s return or John has been writing on and off with the band this whole time remains to be seen.”

Kk0stil asked, “Where did you hear about entering studio? I heard they entered studio late 2018. If they start January 2020, they will not capable of releasing the album in 2020.” CSA1011 concluded, “From a source close to the band. Trust me when i say, they are really trying to keep a tight lid on things lol.” Josh Klinghoffer recently broke his silence on his Red Hot Chili Peppers departure.