Flea Reveals Why Josh Klinghoffer ‘Left’ Red Hot Chili Peppers


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea offered to his first public response to the question of why John Frusciante replaced Josh Klinghoffer in Red Hot Chili Peppers a few days ago.

A fan asked, “Flea, what happened to Josh?” Flea responded, “He is a great man, of love, integrity, and strength.”

Josh Klinghoffer broke his silence on his Red Hot Chili Peppers exit a couple of days ago. An1m0usse posted on Reddit, “I hope John Frusciante agrees to play songs from both I’m With You and The Getaway. It would be a a great way to honor Josh Klinghoffer, the man who saved the Peppers for his return.”

Vindepin responded, “I think he will. They’re a much more important part of the band’s current discography than OHM ever was and the songs have been played for nearly a decade. I’d love to see John’s interpretation of the songs.”

Executiveearle chimed in, “When he rejoined after One Hot Minute, he refused to play any of those songs live because ‘it’s like watching your wife cheat on you’ or something like that. He left the band on bad terms and got hooked on drugs while they continued success with Dave Navarro. He didn’t like any of that album.

When he left after SA, he had personally brought Josh in. They’ve been friends for years before that collaborating on different projects. He loves and respects Josh, so I don’t think he’d have a problem playing (at least a few) of Josh era songs live.”

BornenCornen said, “Dark Necessities became one of their most famous songs, so they’re probably gonna play it live.”

Frusciante23 posted, “Musically, it’s a Can’t Stop rip-off. And the melody and vocals are mediocre. Give me any song off SA, BTW, Cali, BSSM over that song.”

AmdusiasHades chimed in, “Just because you are a Frusciante fanboy (as seen by your username) doesn’t mean you should just keep on bashing on everything Josh has done with the Chili Peppers. IWY and TG are the only albums from the Peppers which i would gladly listen to from front to back and love every song. Every Frusciante album has had songs which I just really don’t like and can’t stand. But I’m not saying they should never be played ever again. Just show some respect to people who liked Josh’ work and ultimately show Josh some respect.” Red Hot Chili Peppers’ first John Frusciante reunion show leaked a few days ago.