Red Hot Chili Peppers Call Out Pat Smear Performance


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea gave a special shout out to Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear when watching the ‘Celebrating America’ special performance last night, which saw liberal musicians celebrate their Democrat party coming back to power in the White House. Foo Fighters played “Times Like These.”

Flea simply tweeted, “PAT SMEAR.”

311’s P-Nut chimed in, “Saw him at a see’s candy at the Beverly Center a million years ago #legend.”

Dude Nunez responded, “That man’s a legend. I’ve seen the Foo Fighters 10 or 11 times now. I spend at least half my time watching Pat. He seems to always be having the most fun.”

Telas_Muff added, “Was literally saying to my wife during the solo part that Pat mg’ing SMEAR is right there on stage during this. so much to take in there.”

Tommy Hurt wrote, “I swear, I glanced at the screen quickly and thought I saw Obama jammin’ with the Foo!”

Matt Petz said, “Who woulda thought the guitarist from the Germs and the drummer from Norman’s would play a presidential inauguration !!!”

Julspursy wrote, “Pat could have been the guitar player of the Chili Peppers right ? @flea333.”

Foo Fighters are releasing their new album next month, while Red Hot Chili Peppers are expected to release a reunion album with John Frusciante later this year.