Green Day Announce ‘American Idiot’ Sequel Album


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong has confirmed to fans that the band’s new album Father Of All… was originally set to be titled American Idiot Part 2. Billie Joe Armstrong recently abandoned a bad performance.

K_nello posted, “Billie just said that they wanted to fuck with everyone and call the album American Idiot part 2. During the stream he said that. He then added that they added Father of all motherf***ers but took out the American Idiot PT2, and because of censorship he drew the unicorn to cover the word Motherf***er.”

A fan named Christian recently asked Mike Dirnt on Twitter, “Would you ever consider doing another concept album like American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown? #AskGreenDay.” Dirnt responded, “We’re already working on one called small hands and spray tans!!!”

Lisa asked, “Are there going to be unicorn stickers available? Because my computer needs one.” Dirnt said, “Yes there will be plenty of unicorns for everybody the magic of the unicorn will be spread throughout the universe and the music of father of all motherfuckers shall trail through the galaxy like the Wild Stallions in Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure!!! ”

ThatPlaidHat wrote about the new Green Day album on Reddit, “Does anyone else feel like Billie has gotten a bit… same-y with his lyrics recently? Not stale per se, but I feel like reflecting back a few albums that there used to be a bit more variety. It feels like every other line is “A like a B” and insubstantial critiques of pop culture/technology/politics as a throwaway line that feels like it’s going nowhere interesting or new.

Maybe someone can express what I mean better? I think the sound of the album is fine. Foxboro Hot Tubs 2. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. Need another few listens to figure that out.” Billie Joe Armstrong was recently caught ‘spitting’ on a Green Day audience.