Red Hot Chili Peppers Debut New Song, Sounds Like John Frusciante?


Red Hot Chili Peppers teased a new song in Hobart, Australia at their tour kickoff show over the weekend, as the band have been in the studio recently working on the followup to 2016’s The Getaway. Some fans compared the teaser to older RHCP material, including the John Frusciante era classic By the Way. You can see a clip below.

funger92 posted on the RHCP Reddit:

Honestly, the instrumental parts seem on the spot and while they work for a jam, are not that interesting enough for a song. It probably isn’t a new song.

Jagajox posted:

Sounds pretty cool but yikes, Anthony’s voice sounds rooouuugh..

Nicklord posted:

He really isn’t that good anymore but here he clearly sang something so he can fix his monitors

Mark_Slinky posted:

I hope this will be on the next album. This song grooves! The guitar riff has the funk of some RHCP’s older material coupled with the melodic nuances prevalent in the last two albums. The ending is very By The Way-ish too, which I like.

EuterpeZonker posted:

Nah that’s definitely just a jam. A cool one though, I can’t wait to hear the soundboard.

tooshytooshy posted:

Sometimes jams can turn into songs though, I think that happened with Goodbye angels

chickenscampy posted:

Encore was a jam too before it appeared on the album iirc

trophy9258 posted:

It was Encore and Dreams of a Samurai.