Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Delete’ New John Frusciante Song?


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith appears to have accidentally leaked a clip of a new song with John Frusciante, but he quickly deleted it.

Jixz3 posted on Reddit, “Chad Smith deleted story. Please tell me someone saved the Ig story chad deleted immediately It was kind of a black blurred video with a song going on…. i would like to know the name of that song, It sounded like something from californication, b sides/unreleased of course but why he deleted??”

Noastens posted regarding if Anthony Kiedis is a good singer on Reddit, “He can sing, he’s just very inconsistent, especially live. I’ll get flamed for this opinion but I love how clean his voice sounds on I’m With You, a mix of SA Anthony and his vocal range there and the more relaxed tone / naturally aged voice on The Getaway.”

ElizabethDanger responded, “Holy shit, you’re like the first person I’ve seen to share my opinion about AK and IWY. He sounded absolutely amazing on that album and tour.”

AssdogDave0 chimed in, “Can he? Quite obviously. He has a beautiful voice when he controls it well. The performance of under the bridge at the hurricane Katrina benefit is a perfect example. He’s just not a fantastic singer. He was probably around 30 before he ever took a proper vocal lesson. He’s far from bad, generally speaking.”