Tool Member Confirms 2021 Film Details


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan recently discussed his ‘Easter Story’ film.

“An Easter Story by MJ Keenan” is a seven-minute video that debuted on April 1st, surprising Tool fans, featuring video from Maynard’s property.

Keenan told Phoenix New Times, “I’ve had that story bubbling around in my head for a while and wasn’t quite sure how to present it. I was feeding the ducks and realizing, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve got great footage,’ so I just decided to go ahead and film some more stuff. I did it all on my iPhone.”

“I felt like, with all the crazy stuff going on in the world, we just needed something positive.”

He also discussed the weather at his vineyard this year. “This year, so far, it’s interesting: It’s been very cool and we’ve had a lot of snow. … I imagine we’re going to be two to three weeks behind up north, which is an okay thing. We didn’t get hammered with a lot of late fall/early winter cold, so that didn’t damage any vines. Knock wood: We haven’t seen any hail yet. That’s always devastating.”

“Every year, it’s another piece, another technique, another understanding, another mistake that you correct and build on.”