Red Hot Chili Peppers Demand Purple Swing Backstage For Surprising Reason


Red Hot Chili Peppers discussed a newly built portable custom built swing they now have on the road in a new Absolute Radio interview. Alternative Nation transcribed the quotes.

Josh Klinghoffer said, “You hang upside down, it’s good for your body.”

Anthony Kiedis observed, “That’s new. I think that would stretch anything out that you want it to stretch. That looks like it stretches all.”

Klinghoffer added, “This is probably a longer story than I know, but Flea has one of these in his bedroom. He probably just half seriously threw out one day, ‘Hey, I’d love to [have] that.’ Because it really helps his back, it really helps. It’s taken a little time, but our production manager has probably spoken to that company there, who probably builds, he knew the people to call, and to convince to build whatever they built that will fit in here.”



Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea wrestled in a thong before a recent concert in Frankfurt, Germany. Watch the video below!

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis discussed hair in a recent Musik interview.

“The hair, I dye sometimes, and sometimes I don’t. I’ve bleached it, I’ve dyed it, I’ve cut it off, I’ve grown it out, I don’t have any rules regarding that sort of thing, I think everyone should just do whatever makes them happy. So yeah, I’m up for anything on that.”

“The first gray hair I think is always a bit of a like, hmmmm, so that’s happening, interesting. I think really the most shocking for people is when they find their first grey pubic hair, because that’s when you know you’ve really hit a stride in your life. Whether or not that’s happened to me, we don’t know, but I have heard ‘tale’ of the first gray pubic hair being quite a significant moment in a human’s life.”

He also discussed how he will randomly cry on the road.

“I cry, I’ll break out in tears. Sometimes if I’m talking to my son on the phone, or if I see a genuine act of kindness, a random act of kindness, I might get a little teary eyed. But blushing, that’s a whole different thing. I had a good laugh in the van today, and that was a nice one.”