Van Halen Icon Brutal Rejection By Women Revealed


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth discussed being turned down by women in a new Forbes interview. Steve Baltin conducted the interview, which also featured Armin van Buuren, who collaborated with Roth on a remix of the Van Halen classic “Jump.” Roth even joined Armin onstage for the debut of the remix at the Ultra festival over the weekend.

Baltin: Did you ever get turned down?

Roth: As a kid, are you kidding? Now if you get turned down you gotta swim backwards through that Atlantic Ocean trying to look cool. So it’s a combination of the chase — “Hi, my name is Dave.” “Hi, my name is Sue,” and off we go, Biblically speaking. So we don’t want to be distracted. However, once we realize, like all romantic comedies, two fools together makes genius…Thank you, Armin and it’s every song that Marvin Gaye and Tami Terrell ever wrote. You’re up and you’re higher. But, “Wait a minute, I’m gonna ask her, ‘Are you from around here?’ So stop singing.” I’m over simplifying, but that is a component of it.

Baltin: So Dave got turned down. How about you?

Van Buuren: Oh, many times. I got turned down more than I was loved back.