Red Hot Chili Peppers On Why Fox News Is ‘A Joke’


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer recently responded to Fox News host Greg Gutfeld calling the Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘the worst band on the planet.’ Gutfeld has trashed the Chili Peppers on Fox News multiple times in the last month or so.

Klinghoffer hit back in an interview with Daily Record, calling the news channel “a joke.”

He said: “Much like most of the things they report, they are quite incorrect about that, too. They know they are ridiculous. We don’t need to tell Fox News they’re a joke.”

He also discussed playing at T in the Park.

“T in the Park came during a strange week because we had done a lot of travel.

“We had overnighted from Moscow so when we got to T in the Park it was a strange, gloomy, muddy summer’s day after we had just been in Russia. We didn’t know which way was up.

“I remember being a little surprised to return to the mud, though I guess you expect it from time to time up there at T in the Park.”

“I remember having a good time at the show, though the crowd were quite a bit further away than usual, which I didn’t like. I like the crowd to be as close to the band as possible.”