Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist ‘Loses Voice’ In Comeback


Red Hot Chili Peppers fans are reporting that John Frusciante has lost his old voice in his first radio appearance in years with Flea over the weekend on Dublab Radio.

Goldendreamseeker posted on Reddit, “Just listened to the whole thing. Whoa, John sounds and acts like a totally different person now! It’s like every time he comes back to RHCP his friggin dna changes or something!”

TheOriginalFireX responded, “My God does John sound like Flea in this video.”

Aliendriving said, “I’m not sure John’s reaching those notes on Otherside anymore.”

RedBeard1967 wrote, ” A lot of his vocals are falsetto. I’m not sure, but I don’t think falsetto would be as affected as much as the higher end of your natural voice (I could totally be wrong though).”

Poolove69 chimed in, “Is this band from California? Lol jk it’s cool hearing this as an oral history of the 70s LA punk rock scene from two kids who would later on become world famous musicians. Like John talking about t shirt stores or flea talking about him and ak talking to that drummer who then asks for heorin and John’s reaction lol

A lot of people are saying John sounds different but I just think he sounds more confident, or comfortable rather. Also they’re both talking about things that are really close to them and things they’re passionate about in an environment they’re comfortable in so I think it’s sounds about right

Also they’re talking about good funk songs in 7, so bank on hearing one of the new tunes or singles even being in 7 time.”

Snsnn bvaaahh said on a social media comment, “Isn’t John’s voice deeper?”