Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon Unearths 90’s Rarity: ‘Very Poor’


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea has unearthed a 90’s rarity on Instagram.

He wrote, “I went through a period of time in the late nineties when I played guitar, wrote and sang songs. I’m not much of a singer and I never really recorded any of it properly, but I did do one in the studio for the end credits of a little indie movie I acted in. I forgot about this music, but I was just bumbling around on the computer and found this old recording. The sound quality is very poor, a strange warbling thing happens in the beginning, but I think it is a good song. It is called No Words. link in bio!”

He also recently wrote on Instagram, “The phenomenal Toni Morrison. Every sentence she’s ever written has left me humbled and in awe of her genius. I’ve been like a kid before Christmas many an evening, looking forward to getting in bed for a good read, so excited to be in the middle of one of her books, knowing I have much greatness to experience before I get to the end of it. She touched my heart and transformed me. Wishing her the most beautiful birthday, I hope she feels great and full of love today.”