Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer Reveals Why He Can’t Show ‘Weakness’ To John Frusciante


Josh Klinghoffer discussed former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante in a new interview with Gitarre & Bass Magazine (via

You were 17 when you became a professional musician. Cross your heart: have you ever dreamed about playing in a band like the Chili Peppers?
Josh: (laughs) No, never. You have to remember yourself how it happened: I was friends with John Frusciante and played with him on his solo albums. Later I was the back-up guitarist for the Chili Peppers and toured with them and when John decided to leave the band they asked me to join them. I think it’s a conjunction of lucky coincidences you couldn’t have even dreamed of – it’s impossible. I was in the right place at the right time – several times.

Do you still stay in contact with John?
Josh: Not really. We’re both very busy. Honestly, it would be very weird playing with the Peppers and hanging out with John. I think it wouldn’t come naturally to him either. It’s better to keep a distance in my opinion.

But you two were best friends, right?
Josh: Yes, for sure. And I’m not planning on not talking to him till the day I die. We decided to take different paths. It would be weird if we would talk privately. Especially for me who had some problems with this new album. I can’t call him to complain about this and that and let him in on how miserable I feel about certain things. Why should I show my weakness? Why should he listen to that? And how hurtful would it be for him? I think we need to put some daylight between us.

Can you imagine making such a radical decision like John did and leave the band for a solo album some day?
Josh: (laughs) No idea! I guess he had some more reasons for quitting the band than doing less tours to get more time for his own music. Therefore personally I think that I wouldn’t make such a decision anytime soon. Particularly since I love playing with the band and I hope for more new rudiments and ways to create something special.