Steven Adler Was Reportedly ‘Kicked Out’ Of Full Time Guns N’ Roses Role For Surprising Reason


While Steven Adler has settled into a recurring guest role with Guns N’ Roses, former Adler’s Appetite bassist Chip Z’Nuff has told Spanish magazine called Popular 1 that Adler was set to be more of a permanent fixture with the reunited band. Keep in mind these are quotes we translated using a variety of online translators. When asked how Adler was doing, Chip said the following:

“Good! He just went to South America to play a few songs with Guns N’ Roses, you know, the tour and that…he called me from there, when he was on the bus with Slash.”

He added, “He’s more than paid for his mistakes. He should have been the drummer for all the tour, he is the original and the best they have ever had. I’ve known Steven since he was in GN’R, and we have always been friends, and although I’ve gotten along well with everyone, I recognize that they should have been better with him.”

“He was going to be part of the tour, but lawyers screwed it up. The second day of rehearsals he did not do well because of pain in his back, and management had an excuse to kick him out. “Steven was ready for the tour, he could do it, there were many months ahead and he was going to work with all his heart…”