Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer Talks ‘Ridiculous’ John Frusciante Comparisons


Josh Klinghoffer discussed replacing John Frusciante as guitarist in Red Hot Chili Peppers in a new Latercera interview. Klinghoffer responded to a question about dealing with comparisons to Frusciante.

“It hasn’t been hard for me. As I said, since I got into the band my bandmates were very welcoming and very open to my input, my sound and my opinions about the music and about everything. I will never thank them enough for that, but in terms of what other people think about it, I don’t have control over that. I know there are people who are always comparing me to John, which is ridiculous. I am not him.

I didn’t become a guitarist in the same way that he did. He studied very meticulously since a very young age. He became an incredible guitarist, and he focused on that instrument specifically. I didn’t. I was a drummer and I picked up the guitar when I didn’t want to play drums anymore. I don’t read the internet that much, but I know there are many discussions about this topic. It is nice that people are interested enough to talk about the music, but I try to stay away from it.”