Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer Felt ‘Uncomfortable’ Working With Rick Rubin


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer discussed working with producer Rick Rubin on 2011’s I’m With You in a new interview with Rock 100.9. Alternative Nation transcribed the quote.

“I think all of us have different reasons for wanting to make a change. I know I can only speak for myself, and though it was a great experience working with Rick on the last album, I felt that when there are five people making a record let’s say, not including the engineers, or all the other people that are involved in making a record, but the four of us as a band, and Rick as the producer, those four guys had a 20 plus year working relationship. That was something I became uncomfortable with after awhile, no matter what, I felt like the new person. Not because I was new to the band, but because I was new tot his family they had, this professional artistic family that they had. That was my main reason for wanting to try it with somebody else.

I think everyone else had different reasons, and also a lot of people were a little afraid to not do what they were used to doing for awhile, because Rick has done great things with this band. But I can’t speak for anybody else, I can’t say it was one more than the other, wanting to leave Rick, because I think the band is so indebted to their work with Rick Rubin, he’s a massive part of the band history, and the way this band has progressed over the years. But like I said for me, I was new to that relationship, and I felt if we did another record where I felt the way I felt last time, I wouldn’t enjoy myself at all.”