Red Hot Chili Peppers Make Awful Paul McCartney Revelation


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea revealed that Philly Joe Jones disrespected Elvis Presley and called The Beatles icon Paul McCartney a ‘bad motherf**ker’ in a new tweet. Flea recently made a bizarre drug revelation.

Dust to Digital tweeted, “Remembering Philly Joe Jones, born on this day in 1923 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here he is playing drums with Thelonious Monk in Paris in 1969.”

“My stepdad played with philly Joe at a pizza place on labrea it was other worldly. Philly Joe told me ‘Elvis ain’t the king of shit. Now Paul McCartney that’s a bad motherf**ker, but Elvis ain’t shit.'”

Paul McCartney was recently photographed kissing a male rock icon. Mixing engineer Andrew Scheps discussed working with Red Hot Chili Peppers in a new Your Audio Solutions interview, “The obvious one is working with Red Hot Chili Peppers, I had been a fan of theirs since the very beginning. I saw them live in 1986 when they were playing in small clubs, so being able to work with them was absolutely amazing. Every single day in the studio with them is incredible.”

He also said “I just listened to Stadium Arcadium for the first time in a while and one of the songs that I didn’t even mix, Animal Bar, just absolutely blew me away. Ryan Hewitt’s work on that is just so good and it’s such a great song.

Also, you can get just as blown away by someone you haven’t heard of before. They don’t have to be famous but it’s amazing when you do get to work with people you admire and it turns out to be even better than you hope. This can happen in any session which is part of the magic of working with music.” You can read the full interview at Your Audio Solutions.