Red Hot Chili Peppers Member Reacts To Foo Fighters ‘Crazy Idea’ For Rock Icon


A new clip of Foo Fighters’ appearance on the PBS docu-series Landmarks Live In Concert has been released, and it features Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith interviewing the band. Alternative Nation transcribed their remarks.

Dave Grohl said, “The song Sunday Rain, I’d written it and demoed it by myself, and then we jammed it as a band. I love it when Taylor sings because he’s got such a great voice.”

Smith asked, “Is it a banger?”

Grohl said he didn’t quite know.

“I was gonna play drums on this song, because Taylor was gonna sing it. He said, ‘No, no. You should get Paul to come in and play drums.’ Not a lot of people know that Paul McCartney has played drums on a lot of songs that you’ve heard, Beatles songs too. I was like, ‘Hey man, do you want to play drums on a new song on our record?’ He’s like, ‘You’ve always got crazy ideas!’ He came into the studio, had his drum set set up, and he immediately starts doing that thing that you recognize (makes noise). He’s got a real swing to it.”

Smith responded, “That’s him!”

Grohl said, “But the greatest part was watching him do it, because he just had this huge smile on his face. He was so into it when he was playing. So Taylor sat on this stool and conducted like: ‘Chorus! Prechorus!’ I think our version of the song was maybe 5 minutes long, but Paul’s was like 12 minutes, he just didn’t want to stop.”

Smith reacted, “He was having too much fun!”

Grohl added, “I’m telling you, so we did one, and were like: ‘Oh my god that’s amazing!'”