Courtney Love Opens Up To Grunge Legend About Missing Kurt Cobain


Former Hole drummer Patty Schemel discussed her new book Hit So Hard in a new King 5 interview. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments.

“In the process of writing the book, I reached out to everyone in my band and said, ‘I’m writing a book.’ Everyone was really supportive, and when it was completed, I sent it to [Courtney Love]. She called me, and she’d forgotten a lot of memories, so we talked about that, and we talked about Kurt in it. For her, she missed him, and talked about that, and me too. We always have that connection. I guess she’s in the process of writing a book now too. It was nice to reconnect, I’ve reconnected with everyone. Melissa, who plays bass in Hole, she and I have kids, and our kids are friends, and it’s nice.”

“When Kurt died, and then shortly after Kristen Pfaff who was in Hole, our bass player overdosed. Those moments in the book, anyone reading it or looking at the situation, would say, ‘Well that really should make you put away drugs and alcohol.’

There was only just a pause for me at that time, what will it take? I write that out. When I was writing I was looking at the patterns of the events happening, what’s it going to be? For me it became that cliche, you have to lose it all.”