Red Hot Chili Peppers Offer Major Retirement News


If you were to talk to anyone about longevity in the music industry who would you talk to? If the answer to that question isn’t the Red Hot Chili Peppers then you have to rethink your entire thought process. The band continues to make hits to this day even in the advanced age which have captivated audiences for longer than most of our readers have been around for. This isn’t shocking because the band has always talked about how they wanted to be around forever. After some downs, many of the members of the band have taken their physical health and mental health very seriously over the last few years which has helped dramatically with their staying power.

Via NME, the band recently sat down on a call for an interview. The interview went deep into the history of the band as well as what is coming next for them. As of now, the band has no plans to stop and even want to release more music after this next record comes out. It is said that the band is sitting on over 50 songs currently which could be multiple albums worth of content.

On the video call, Flea was shown a cover of a magazine which showed The Rolling Stones featured with the tagline “Get their wheelchairs out!” as it spoke about a past Rolling Stones tour when the band were in their 50s. Flea laughed at this as he said: “I guess it’s lucky that the Stones are still touring then. At the time they were pioneering being an old band – but as long as they keep going, we don’t seem so old!”

Anthony Keidis then joined the fun as he said: “60 don’t mean sh*t to me. I don’t put a lot of value or weight in birthdays, milestones, round numbers, odd numbers or even numbers.”