Tool Singer Posts Embarrassing Stolen Car Photo


Maynard James Keenan has found himself in a crazy situation which shows that his (possibly rental) car has been stolen. The car in question was recently stolen as the singer apologized for parking his car in the wrong spot. Originally, the lead singer supposed that the car was towed as he parked in a delivery zone. That being said, he was wrong. It looks like the Camaro was in fact stolen, and as Maynard mentions, so was the food that he had left in the car. Maynard posted up a screenshot (which was very sporadic and hard to understand at first) that showed him texting someone about the car jacking situation.

The screenshot read: “I apologize I parked my car for the first delivery And when I came out it’s gone so I don’t know if I got towed or got stolen.”

At this point the singer was very confused about what was going on with the vehicle and the situation at hand. It’s clear to see that at first, the vocalist expected that the car was just towed for being in a bad zone for the day. That thought quickly changed.

Maynard went on to say that he was reporting the situation and trying to figure out more information online so that he could get everything figured out. Sometime after the conversation that he had had, he realize that the car was stolen instead of being towed. This realization came in the description of the screenshot on Instagram.

Maynard said that “Some prick car thief is cruising around in this poor bastar*s car eating my g*d da*n moo goo gai pan.”

As of now, it’s extremely hard to tell where the car is or what is currently being done about the situation. Surely, in some way, justice will be served and Maynard will get his vehicle back.