Red Hot Chili Peppers Reveal Why They Felt ‘Sunk’ When John Frusciante Quit


Anthony Kiedis discussed times that it seemed like Red Hot Chili Peppers might be over in a new C-FOX interview. Alternative Nation transcribed Kiedis’ comments.

“There have been many times when it seemed like we were sunk, but I think I always had an unrealistic optimism that somehow things would work out. Even though I had no reason to believe that they would work out, I have that weird survivalist optimism. Perhaps energetically that worked for us.

But yeah, when Hillel [Slovak] died, there was definitely a moment where we were like, ‘Can we still do this?’ When John Frusciante quit the band, we maybe took a minute, ‘Is this going to work again?’ We actually tried a couple different guitar players, before we found a new one, and it’s not easy to do. But for whatever reason, the muses of the universe demanded we carry on, and we’re still here.”

He also said he wants Brian ‘Danger Mouse’ Burton to produce the next Chili Peppers record.

“I think it’s good to work with the same guy again. You’ve had your freshman experience, and I think we owe it to ourselves to start from the beginning with this guy, and see what we can accomplish.”

He also discussed “Dark Necessities.”

“I think the song speaks for itself. I hate to analyze poetry, as a writer, it seems that’s already been done. Darkness and light are friends, and seem to live side by side. I don’t think connecting with one of them eliminates the other, it’s kind of a tandem.”