Metallica Icon Reveals ‘Heavy’ Dave Mustaine Photo


Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney recently took to social media via Twitter to post this rockin’ retro photo of himself and fellow one-time Metallica member Dave Mustaine unloading a pair of ‘heavy’ Marshall amps. McGovney wrote on Twitter: “Those Marshalls aren’t as heavy as they were back in the old days.” You can view the photo below. Metallica ‘canceled’ an album with an ex-bassist, is it Jason Newsted?

In other news revolving Metallica, one fan of the group took to the Metallica subreddit recently to pose a rather interesting question – what if Metallica had continued on without their acclaimed frontman, James Hetfield.

In a new topic within the popular metal group’s subbreddit, XXxUltimateScorpionx questioned: “What if they continued the Australia/New Zealand tour even without James but with a different vocalist instead. This means James will take a break to go to rehab while Metallica tours with another singer so by 2020 he would eventually return to touring and they will make progress in Australia and New Zealand. If they continued they would have more progress rather than doing nothing, but the thing is James is an important member of Metallica. They wouldn’t leave him behind in rehab.”

Jason Newsted looks sad in photo with this Metallica replacement. While fellow Reddit member IWillBeNice wrote the following response soon after: “Eh, that wouldn’t work. You can’t take the voice and the driving force of the band out. Imagine paying that much for a ticket and seeing that.”