Review & Photos: Deftones Bring ‘Gore’ To Philadelphia


On a steamy Saturday evening this weekend, the Deftones continued the East Coast portion of their U.S. summer tour, making a long awaited, if not highly anticipated stop, in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA. Deftones’ last appearance in Philly was exactly one year ago from today, and prior to that was more than 3 years earlier, co-headlining with Incubus. Needless to say, the Philly crowd, myself included, was in dire need of some Deftones.

Opening was the Swedish hardcore punk outfit, Refused, who were well received by the Deftones crowd, save for a couple of random political comments in between songs, that were about as well-received as a warm beer. By the end of their energy-fueled set, the standing-room only venue was packed shoulder-to-shoulder as we all awaited Chino & company to take the stage.

At 9:15 sharp the Deftones walked out, led by Chino Moreno, who is still as lively as ever, even 25 years into a career that isn’t known for its longetivity. He strutted out to the center of the stage, smiling slyly at the crowd, which was about 2/3 the maximum capacity limit of 8,000. Stephen, following behind, started up Kimdracula, the hit from 2006’s Saturday Night Wrist. At this point, I was stationed in between the stage and front rail with the other photographers and security. About 2 minutes into the song, one of the bouncers nudged me out of the way just as a crowdsurfer was cruising straight over the rail. And then another. And another! Philly definitely loves their Deftones and the energy of the crowd was set to MAX throughout the whole show.

The set list was pretty well spread out over their discography, playing just 3 songs from their 2016 release, Gore. Unfortunately, they only played one song from Adrenaline (Bored) and only one from Saturday Night Wrist (Kimdracula), but at least they picked the best song from each of them. The majority of tracks came from Around The Fur, White Pony, and Diamond Eyes.

Deftones will be playing in Boston, MA on August 9th and in Asbury Park, NJ on August 10th, before working their way back to the West Coast (with a bunch of stops along the way), ending their U.S. summer tour on September 25th at the Houston Open Air Festival in Houston, TX.

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See photos and the full set list below, with just a little help from Setlist FM:

DWH_6917DWH_6723 DWH_7017 DWH_6829 DWH_6822 DWH_6728 DWH_6686 DWH_6658 DWH_7196

• Kimdracula
• Swerve City
• Acid Hologram
• Rocket Skates
• Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
• MX
• Gore
• Digital Bath
• Diamond Eyes
• Tempest
• Prince
• Beauty School
• Knife Prty
• Change (In The House Of Flies)
• Passenger
• My Own Summer (Shove It)
• Rickets
• Headup
• Bored