Chris Cornell Reacts To Criticism Of Ivanka Trump


Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell posted a few pro liberal and anti-conservative tweets last night, including a retweet of a New Yorker article criticizing President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump releasing a new book. The article is titled “‘Women Who Work’ is mostly artless jargon and inspirational quotes you can find by Googling ‘inspirational quotes.’”

He also tweeted a link to an article about a mural of the EU flag in England. British citizens voted to leave the EU last year with Brexit.

He retweeted Reggie Watts’ tweet: “Congratulations France for choosing wisely!!!!! ?? (I’m sure we helped in our small way by showing them what not to choose.) Yay!!!!” The tweet was in reference to Emmanuel Macron winning France’s Presidential election, and also in reference to President Trump.