Ringo Starr Humiliates Paul McCartney In Horrible Photo


The Beatles icon George Harrison‘s Twitter account tweeted out the following throwback picture, where Ringo Starr beats Paul McCartney in a race! Very humiliating! This picture taken in July of 1963 showcases the Fab Four riding around in dune buggies. Here, we can see drummer Ringo Starr humiliating the rest of his Beatles band mates, including Sir Paul McCartney and Harrison by holding a steady lead during this lovely outing at Brean Beach, Somerset, in the United Kingdom. You can view the tweet from the Harrison account below. Dave Grohl made this disturbing George Harrison claim a week ago.

Fans of The Beatles discussed their hopes for a Magical Mystery Tour Deluxe reissue in a new topic within the group’s subreddit. John Lennon revealed this sad George Harrison paycheck.
Thatfailedcity said: “Even though MMT is my favorite album, I hope for Revolver and Rubber Soul more. In fact, they should do RS and Revolver together and release it as one package, cause they’re essentially (as George said) two connected albums.”

This Paul McCartney ridiculous George Harrison disrespect revealed this past summer. Ivan_Botsky_Trollov replied: #MeToo. And not just because for me, its their 2nd best album (yes. album as in, the 6 songs from the movie plus all they recorded between finishing Sgt peppers and Xmas 67, or even before their trip to India …. You kno my name, , Baby you’re a rich man, Its all too much, All together now, All you need is love..) Same psychedelic, trippy, free mood but also without the hype that surrounds Peppers and with less weak songs – Lovely Rita, Good morning x2, When Im 64-.

Also including some nice incidental cuts as “In the bus” or “Jessie’s accordion”, or the orchestral version of “She loves you” played somewhere in the background.

And of course, the 20+ page booklet that accompanied the 1st editions.”