Robert Plant Awful Led Zeppelin Arrest Photo Revealed


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant recently shared a rare photo from when he was arrested for alleged reckless driving around the time he protested for marijuana legalization. Plant wrote, “Free… and Saving Grace.” He posted a photo that said, ‘Free Robert Plant.’ Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler recently revealed how he almost replaced Robert Plant for a Led Zeppelin reunion with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham.

A press release at the time stated, “Ellman, Birmingham. 10/8/67.

Hippies armed with banners calling for the legalization of ‘pot’ paraded outside a court today to support their 18-year old leader, singer Robert Plant, who was appearing before the magistrates court at Wednesbury on a charge of careless driving. The case was dismissed on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

Robert Plant, who is apparently the recognized leader of the Midland Flower People, arrived at the court dressed in a green velvet suit with bell bottom sleeves and trousers and a yellow cravat.

Before the case, Plant’s followers, attired in garments adorned with flowers and carrying banners, marched up and down outside the court.

Ops [censored] Robert Plant with some of his followers, girl on the left is [censored] (17) of Oldbury, Staffs, girl on the right is [censored] (15) of West Bromwich.”

Robert Plant recently discussed late The Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones on his podcast, “I’ve been to Katana and Brian Jones had been up there with some recording equipment and recorded ‘Pipes of Jajouka.’ In there north there, that was an area that I didn’t really, I was more interested in just seeing what it’s like and to get near the Sahara. So to get to Marrakech was kind of a half-way house but the city itself was quite a lot different to what it is now.

I think the second language there is Russian. It was so stimulating, exciting and overwhelming with the bustle and the absolute ridiculous way we were like lambs to the slaughter with sort of the way people work on you in those places, in the street and those places – it was fantastic.”