Robert Plant Reveals Tragic The Rolling Stones Secret


After sharing a disturbing Jimi Hendrix story, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant shared a story about Brian Jones, best known for being the original founder of The Rolling Stones who tragically passed away in 1969. Then Plant discussed how Jones’ record process for Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka, which would be recorded shortly before The Rolling Stones icon’s death, and released after he died. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are currently on tour with The Rolling Stones. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“I’ve been to Katana and Brian Jones had been up there with some recording equipment and recorded ‘Pipes of Jajouka.’ In there north there, that was an area that I didn’t really, I was more interested in just seeing what it’s like and to get near the Sahara. So to get to Marrakech was kind of a half-way house but the city itself was quite a lot different to what it is now.

I think the second language there is Russian. It was so stimulating, exciting and overwhelming with the bustle and the absolute ridiculous way we were like lambs to the slaughter with sort of the way people work on you in those places, in the street and those places – it was fantastic.”

Plant discussed having a “bad leg and bad arm” after an accident inspiring a Led Zeppelin classic.

“Achilles’ Last Stand was an uncomfortable time … but in that, it was a disparate time. I started writing about freedom and escape; the [desire] throughout the song is to be gone to a place which is a reward, and it was basically about the Atlas Mountains and going back to Morocco.”

Plant also recently performed “Immigrant Song” live for the first time since 1996.