Robert Plant Gross Led Zeppelin Shirtless Photo Revealed


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has uploaded a new hairy shirtless backstage photo that will be hot to some into hairy chests, and awful to those who aren’t! As fans wait for a Led Zeppelin reunion, Jimmy Page recently discussed an iconic 90’s band reuniting.

Plant wrote on Instagram, “‘From the land of the ice and the snow…’ 49 years and one day later.”

Fans weighed in on the 70-year old rock icon’s Instagram comments.

“Love the hairy chest….still sexy after all these years! I am traveling to London for my sons wedding at the end of September and am so bummed that you are not performing there at that time. Hope to see you in CA soon!”


“hopefully lost lol.”

“I think he left it in 1968 😂😂”

“I have to ask- on a daily basis- how many people are flabbergasted when they realize you are who you are? And does it ever get old? Have people give you gratitude? I would think not. ❤️It would likely make you lay in bed at not feeling as if you are living your true calling. 😊”

Jimmy Page wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, “On this day in 1998, Page & Plant played The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit and two years later I played with The Black Crowes at the same venue on the same day.”