Robert Plant Saw Led Zeppelin Icon Before Death


During a recent edition of the BBC’s long-running Desert Island Discs radio show discussed a wide variety of topics including Led Zeppelin’s first dress rehearsal as touching on how he could not listen to any of Led Zeppelin’s music following the death of iconic member John Bonham in 1980. Credit to UCR for the following.

Robert Plant revealed why he reunited with this long-standing former bandmate. “So it was kind of daunting in a way. Although I wanted to be around excellence, when I came head-to-head with it, I was kind of intimidated.” Continuing, Plant would state: “I drove down with him on the day of the rehearsal, and I drove back without him,” Plant remembered, adding that he loved the drummer “desperately.” “For days and weeks I never got anywhere close to listening to the past, and then suddenly I turned a corner, and in the middle of it all, I found myself glued to a piece of music that I was partly responsible for,” he said. “I am absolutely beside myself with pride at being able to be amongst that huge mind bomb that was the creativity of the group.”

In other Led Zeppelin news, during that same program, Plant downplayed the widespread beliefs and characteristics of so-called ‘rock and roll excess’. Credit to NME for the below.

“The whole deal was sometimes very tough to be a part of. I think the intensity of what we were experiencing and the lack of structure was very difficult. We were flexing one way or the other and I found a lot of it quite tough.”

Plant would also say: “I can’t get my head around it now, I’m so far away from [it]. You can read bits and pieces media-wise but it was so far removed from what it was. The best thing to do was imagine that a lot of it was an incredible exaggeration and most importantly we were able to go home and get a new perspective and grow up.”