Howard Stern Savagely Calls Out New Tool Album Rejection


Howard Stern reviewed the new Tool album Fear Inoculum on his show on Tuesday, and he revealed how they rejected including their cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘No Quarter’ on the Private Parts soundtrack in 1997 after initially agreeing. Maynard James Keenan called out ‘paranoid’ Tool bandmates over the weekend. recapped: Howard said he was getting into a lot of music over vacation. He said he listened to the new Sheryl Crow album. He said she did songs with a bunch of artists. He said she did songs with Willie Nelson, Maren Morris and others. He said it was a really good album. He said Avril Lavigne has a new album out and it’s really good. He said she has a new song and Sheryl’s album was really good.

He said he read about the new Tool album and listened to that. He said he was mad at them for backing out of the record deal they were going to do for his movie. He said that they had an 11 minute version of No Quarter that they were going to put on that album. He said he cleared 11 minutes for the album and then they pulled out. He said they claim they weren’t even in on it. He said their new album is pretty good from what he heard. Howard Stern called out Maynard James Keenan for his feud with Justin Bieber a couple of months ago.

Howard said Valerie Harper came on the show a bunch of years ago when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Howard said he figured she had weeks to live. Robin said they gave her like 6 months to live. Howard said she came on the show and he asked her for a code word that only the two of them will know. Howard said Houdini did that with his wife. Howard said not one psychic was able to tell his wife what that word was.

Howard said Valerie lived another 6 years. He said she died last week. He said he knows the word and he has it written down. Howard said he was really sad to hear she died. He said in order to prove there’s an afterlife he got a code word from her. Howard played the audio where he asked her to write a word down for him so they can figure out if there is an afterlife. Maynard James Keenan recently revealed the ‘control freak’ problem on the new Tool album.