Tool, QOTSA & Primus Supergroup Unites In Video


Primus has been ruling the weird world for years and their cover of Ænima just took them to the next level.

Primus recently had a packed out show which saw them joined by Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor of Tool. The cover was really an awesome rendition of the classic Tool hit. Of course, it helped that Danny and Justin were leading the pack, but Troy Van Leeuwen joined the pack as well, which just added a whole new depth to the cover. Can it really be called a cover with so many members of Tool and A Perfect Circle on board? Hard to say, but whatever you want to call it; it was magical.

Les Claypool was in typical fashion that night as well as we got to hear his unique vocals and watch his unmatched stage presence as he belted out the song. Some fans may be shocked to know that Les was not playing bass for this, but he was a bit busy.

One of the most striking things about Claypool’s stage presence for the night was his energy and enthusiasm. Les was bouncing around the stage, frequently switching positions and engaging with the audience. As usual, he was quirky, which added to the overall sense of excitement and unpredictability in this show.

Claypool is also known for his showmanship, and he often incorporates elaborate props and costumes into his performances. Of course, he did not let anyone down in this department either as he wore a weird outfit which featured silver horns on his head that looked like they were stuffed.

He has been known to wear everything from giant pig masks to top hats and tails. The outfit from the other night may go down as one of his best and the fans have all seemed to agree.