Rock Hall of Fame Reacts To Pearl Jam Controversy, Dave Abbruzzese Responds


A new comment on YouTube has surfaced featuring a fan sharing a response they claim they got from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after inquiring about Dave Abbruzzese’s exclusion from Pearl Jam’s Hall of Fame lineup. The fan, named Michael Massa, shared the following response he claims he got from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Associate Curator Amanda Pecsenye. The comment is from two weeks ago.

“Hello Michael, thank you for your email.The Hall of Fame and foundational members of the inducted groups work together to choose which individuals are inducted, and sometimes the choices are challenging and not in keeping with all members’ or the fans’ wishes. Thanks so much for your engagement in the process – we appreciate your passion!”

The fan went on to criticize the band for their political views, and called them ‘liars’ and ‘hypocrites’ regarding the Hall of Fame, stating that their behavior made him ‘sick.’ Dave Abbruzzese then responded, “michael massa! Hey man, could you do me a favor and for that email from the hall of fame straight to me? I would greatly appreciate it!” Abbruzzese then shared his e-mail address with Michael.

The response from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seems to indicate what many reports seemed to conclude, that the Hall of Fame itself along with members of past inducted groups are part of the selection process, not the members of the actual bands who are chosen for induction. For example, Jack Irons is one of Eddie Vedder’s best friends, and he was not part of Pearl Jam’s inducted lineup. Members of KISS were very upset a few years ago when other members of the band were not chosen to be inducted.